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 Directed by the pg电子app下载 Tribal College Extension Project – Outreach of Academic Education and Research to the Tribal College Communities.

Programing provided locally in 桑提人、内布拉斯加 on 88.9 FM and worldwide through the web. Current programs include Native Voice One, environmental news, tribal and local news, music including pow wow singing, country, rock, classic, rap, and other programs.





Brief history of our radio station the first live radio broadcasts started in July 2012 for the purpose of expanding our public value throughout the Santee/Niobrara area. We now transmit the Dakota language, music, educational programming, and public service announcements daily. This resource is a critical need for rural America and the college would like to thank all those who made this happen. We are currently researching technologies that will provide transmissions in the Macy, NE area to support the Omaha 社区. Larry Thomas, pictured above, was instrumental for the project’s implementation. With his DJ experience he has been mentoring pg电子app下载 student DJ, Harper Saul; AKA "DJ 玩乐”. The pg电子app下载 would like to thank our many radio volunteers!

Contact us by phone 402-857-2355 or by e-mail

Radio Station equipment funded through DOE Title III Strengthening and Development 格兰特P031T60003.

Development support from the Nebraska Broadband project, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, and technical assistance from University of Nebraska-Lincoln Educational 媒体系. Providing assistance planning, moving and reconnecting of KZYK from the temporary location to the new station located inside pg电子app下载's new Santee Campus.


This Program is funded in part by a Tribal College Grant supported by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under grant Award No. 2014-47002-22149, “Project New Dawn: Anpao Teca & Onba Konge 2014-2108.  Nebraska Indian 社区学院 is the grantee administering these funds for local Tribal College Extension activities.